Psychologie a její kontexty, Vol.5, Supplement

Alexithymie a její vztah k osobnostním stylům u lidí závislých na psychoaktivních látkách
Relationship of alexithymia to personality styles in people dependent on psychoactive substance

Roman Procházka, Gabriela Mahrová, Marek Laštovica

Cílem práce je posoudit vztahy alexithymie k osobnostním stylům u lidí závislých na psychoaktivních látkách. Soubor a metody. Jako výzkumné metody jsme použili TAS-20 Toronto Alexithymia Scale (TAS-20), a Inventář stylů a poruch osobnosti (PSSI). Ve výzkumu jsme disponovali výzkumným vzorkem N=55 lidí závislých na psychoaktivních látkách Statistická analýza. Popisné charakteristiky souboru, Spearmanova korelace, Mann whitney U-test. Výsledky: alexithymie je přítomna u lidí závislých na alkoholu v 42 %. Alexithymie má u lidí závislých na psychoaktivních látkách statisticky prokazatelné vztahy k stylům osobnosti.

Klíčová slova:
alexithymie, osobnostní styly, závislost na psychoaktivních látkách

The addiction to psychoactive drugs still remains among the relevant research topics. The research herein focuses on the study and analysis of the relations among the alexithymia, and personality styles. The analyses of such psychological constructs may represent valuable views beneficial for the progress in the up-to-date addictology.
The article deals with a number of topics, such as, definition of alexithymia, the issue of addictology and personality aspects.. The applied statistical methods are descriptive statistics, factor analysis, non-parametric Spearman's correlation analysis and Mann-Whitney U Test. The reason for choosing the non-parametric statistics has been the conclusion of the normality test pointing at the fact that the acquired data had not complied with the normal distribution assumption. The data collection methods were questionnaires TAS-20 (Toronto Alexithymia Scale) to measure alexithymia, and PSSI (Personality Style and Disorder Inventory). The gross sample under research was represented by 55 probands, namely 14 women and 41 men. The data were collected in the Psychiatric Hospital of Marianna Oranžská in Bílá Voda. The obtained results enabled us to answer the postulated research questions, which were evaluated and the following conclusions were reached: In people addicted to alcohol alexithymia occurs in 41.83 %. In subjects addicted to psychoactive drugs with alexithymia there is a substantial difference in the personality styles of a schizoid, obsessive-compulsive, avoidant, negativistic, borderline, histrionic, and self-defeating type. We believe that in this field of research there is still a huge gap to be filled, and we hope that the research may help to do so by enriching the knowledge with concrete results.

alexithymia, personality styles, dependent on psychoactive substance