OU CZ Psychology and its contexts

Psychology and its Contexts, 12 (1), 2021

Editorial (PDF)


Possible Applications of Flotation REST and its Effects on Human Psychophysiology Regarding Stress, Anxiety and Depression
Kavková, V., & Maluš, M.

Abstract | Fulltext (PDF) | DOI: 10.15452/PsyX.2021.12.0001

Consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic for the mental health of the population and the possibilities of intervention
Džuka, J., Klučárová, Z., & Babinčák, P.

Abstract | Fulltext (PDF) | DOI: 10.15452/PsyX.2021.12.0002


Manifestations of spirituality in coping with stress caused by university exams – case study
Pustková, M., & Beláňová, A.

Abstract | Fulltext (PDF) | DOI: 10.15452/PsyX.2021.12.0003

Location of moral foundations in the space of the HEXACO personality model
Lajčiaková, P., & Ďurka, R.

Abstract | Fulltext (PDF) | DOI: 10.15452/PsyX.2021.12.0004

The Level of Depression and Anxiety in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Bártek, M., & Kupka, M.

Abstract | Fulltext (PDF) |DOI: 10.15452/PsyX.2021.12.0005


Dejiny psychologie 2., prepracované a doplnené vydání. Grada, 412 s. (Karel Paulík)
Plháková, A. (2020).

Fulltext (PDF) | DOI: 10.15452/PsyX.2021.12.0006

Instamozek. Praha: Portál, 168 s. (Hanka Višvaderová)
Anders Hansen (2019)

Fulltext (PDF) | DOI: 10.15452/PsyX.2021.12.0007

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